Monday, February 27, 2012


Sitting arcoss the room from you, I feel like I suffocating you.
Taking the air you need to live, like a ghost haughting you.
Like my hands are wrapped tight 'round your neck.
You gasp and choke, clawing at my hands desperately.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"If only"

Hundled in the corner of a dark, dank room,
You can find you.
Tears streaming down your cheeks, as you whisper,
"If only, If only".
You begin to rock back and forth slowly,
"If only... If only".
You look in the mirror propped up next to you and acuse,
"If only you were beautiful and not so ugly".
You turn away as more tears stream down your face,
"If only...If only".
You look at the picture of a boy you once loved and acuse,
"If only you loved me like I loved you".
You rock faster crying even more,
"If only... If only"
Your friends knock at your door, and you cry,
"If only you'd go away I wouldn't have to cry any more".
Years pass by any no one knocks anymore.
No one calls anymore.
You get up and throw open the door,
Awash in light you see all around that they waited for you each and evey one
"If only you knew how much I really needed you!"
the boy you loved kisses you and says
"If only you knew how much I love you."
Then all together they stand with you in front of a mirror and whisper,
"If only you knew how beautiful you truely are".....